It’s been so long again…

And I have no real excuse for being gone so long. I’ve been reading, but not writing. And I haven’t dropped blogging for the book of faces, which I visit about once every two weeks or so. Don’t know why, it just is.

We’ve all gotten to know our new manager, who I named Larry in my last post. He is SO not a Larry, he is more Stan. Stan is the man, you see. Stan has kicked butt and taken names. He has brought order and security to our store. For example… our store has been infested with termites as long as I’ve been there, and they will have someone spray, and it will go away for a while, but be back in a few months. It was so bad at one point that in the small office where the expeditors work, they taped the ceiling panels so the termites wouldn’t fall down on top of them. I could not have worked back there. I would have refused.

As the story goes, while Stan was working at his desk, a termite fell on his head. He screamed like a girl, and the next thing we knew, we were all getting Christmas Eve off, and the building was being tented and the termites (hopefully) were eradicated. He is also working on replacing all the fire lines that leak, and Stan is tired of paying for repairs (which always seem to happen at night or on weekends) and just wants things fixed. We have also developed sewer issues, which had previously been band-aided.. the bathrooms had been moved several years ago to the opposite side of the building. When they laid the sewer line, they neglected to put a slope on it, so it lies flat. Guess why our sewer frequently gets backed up and plumbers need to be called. (This is beyond the scope of anyone who works there, and corporate has their own repair people)

Inventory was not great, but at least it was a bit better than last year. Success sharing wasn’t great either, but there are so many things in our store that need to be fixed, I can understand why it wasn’t. I figure that any bonus check is a bonus, and it wasn’t the smallest bonus I ever got, so I was ok with it. Especially because I got this:

Go me!

Go me!

which comes with a $250 check. That makes 2 years in a row. Something else Stan did was take us out of the store to a bowling alley for the meeting, and letting everyone bowl or play pool and eat pizza. All of our previous meetings were in the store, which really just creates work for a lot of people within the store. That was a nice treat!

I changed up my Christmas candy this year to a new recipe.. and it is the bomb. I’ve made it several different ways, but this one is still my favorite:

So yummy!

So yummy!

and I made my usual caramel corn. Everyone at work loves it! I made these for our halloween party:

Witch one?

Witch one?

So we’ve been having pretty much fun at work. Stan is trying to bring a happier attitude to the store, which can be a challenge. Our previous manager left the store in sad shape. I feel like the mood there has lightened a bit, and I’m not alone in that feeling, so progress seems to be happening. I like it, anway.

I’m leading our district in measures sold, which I like too. However, I’m down about 3rd in sales, but considering how many people are out there selling, that’s not a bad thing. Our expeditor, Anne, (the after the sale customer service person) is inefficient at best, and is so far behind (and has been for the past year) that we were all given authorization to do tasks for her. This has only led to me and Juan (more on him later) doing more and more desk tasks, which takes us away from our job of selling. I frequently talk to my ASM about problems that come up that I can’t get help with. I’m hoping my ASM will take a stand on this and try to get her to actually get some work done. She has made one change, and gotten Anne out of the office in the back because she gets NO work done in there, and the other expeditor she worked with back there has an attitude and Anne was acting the same way. Some progress is being made, although this progress needs to go a bit faster.

Juan is my last DH. He was, anyway. He stepped down, he told me it was because of stress. They made him a specialist, like me, so now we are equals. I was bummed about that move, because he was a good DH. Apparently Stan didn’t think so, and Juan felt he had only 2 choices, step down from being a DH or be fired… so he stepped down. We have fun working together, because we both have the same work ethic… which makes our weekly numbers  kind of a contest. After a year of Juan working as a specialist, we will see who’s on top. Heh.

I didn’t get to take my spring vacation this year and meet Sis in Arizona because I am going to Wisconsin in a little over a month, and staying for almost 2 weeks. I missed having a winter vacation but I’m hoping having so much time off in one block will be worth the wait. I did have a few days off here and there, and even will have one day of vacation pay left after I get back. It sure is nice to have three weeks off!

My Kid bought herself a house, with the help of her significant other, and that is where I’ll be staying. Kid doesn’t have a whole lot of vacation time, which is partly why I am going for so long. Her house is in a small town near Cowtown. The only plan I have is to tour Dude’s place of work. It is a huge area, and an interesting building. I sure would like to do this.

Guess that’s about all I have for now… Hopefully I will post again soon!


It’s been so long..

And I have to apologize for my absence. I guess I’ve lost the discipline to post every day, like I did when I first started. Blogging was more of a community then; it’s my opinion that Facebook is the “new and improved” blog community. Is it an improvement? I don’t think so. Facebook used to be part of my daily online routine, but.. it isn’t the same as opening up my web feeds and reading other people’s writings. Usually those are more intimate feelings and happenings than what people put on FB. Truly, I would never complain about my job on FB, but I might in here.

I only catch up on FB once or twice a month. And occasionally I will play a FB game but that’s usually on my phone, at work. I don’t see the need to tell the world where I am and what I’m doing every second of the day. As to why I don’t blog very often, I guess I’m just lazy. I procrastinate. Whatever the reason, I just don’t post. But there is news.

When last I posted, my associate who owned Billy the Cat gave her two week notice after she returned to work, and left. No one was really that sorry to see her go. Carol, who had the sick child, also gave a week’s notice because her husband was being transferred to the east coast (he is military). Our new specialist, Don, is a problem. He is slow to learn, disappears during the day, and likes to do things his way. That would be fine if ‘his way’ was efficient and productive, but it’s not. I just sit back and laugh. I’m not the person who needs to discipline him, and everyone else complains so much I don’t even bother saying anything.

Our new manager (we’ll call him Larry) is making some interesting changes. Actual order will soon be coming to the Blinds department (D59). There already was pretty much order in my area, Flooring (D23), but even that is improving. Our back lot was FULL of product that *corporate* felt we needed, which was 1.5 times more than we were selling… so we had a huge backup of product. Within 2 months, it was almost entirely gone.

He is changing the way things are put in the overheads, making it easier for us to find things. The biggest problem with that is the crew that puts the things up there, with no semblance of order or logic. I have been tasked to organize and tag the overhead beams so that it can all be the way we want it. We just have to wait and see if it works.

And Larry has made some personnel changes. My ASM, who we all loved, had some surgery and could no longer put in the long hours of an ASM, so she was  transferred to a different store (it would be too difficult to stay) and is working as a DH. I’ll bet she misses the pay she was getting! My new ASM is female, Sandy, and is fairly new as an ASM but is very approachable, and so far we are happy with her. Heh.

Our Ops ASM was also transferred to a different store (we actually traded Ops ASMs) so our new guy is David. He doesn’t seem real happy in our store, and a lot of people don’t like him. I don’t see him often, but we have gotten along so far. He is making a lot of changes including enforcing the dress code, which has kind of gotten a bit slack, and cancelling all *set* schedules except for a select few. He is being fair about it though, so that’s a good thing.

We also got two new female ASMs Karen and Lulu. Karen is a meek, quiet person who says she is working as the MOD (manager on duty). I seldom see her or talk to her. Lulu is something else. She was the co-store manager who hired me, and now, seven years later, she is an ASM. She is not generally well liked, and has some kind of radical ideas, all within the Depot’s standards, but some, barely.

We also had a Department Head reorganization. My DH went back to receiving, since the DH there has been out with medical issues for the past 4 months. So one of the head cashiers is my new DH, there is one new one, and several more were moved from department to department. I love to watch how these things work out. Or don’t work out.

I have gotten a few more homers, one from Larry for selling 17 measures in two weeks. I have at least 7 for this week so far with one day to go, and it would be cool to have another 9 measure week. That week I had the most in the district, and last week, I was highest in sales by $400. Even just to hit first once is pretty cool!

Next month is success sharing. It won’t be a big check because we didn’t do very well the last half. The store made money, but we weren’t in the top 3 stores in the district, so we get the minimum sharing. Boo. Can’t say I didn’t try!

Dude came down for a visit with a friend of his. We golfed once. His friend has never been in CA so we did the tourist things for the first 3 days they were here, then just lazed around the last day before they started the long drive home.

We went to the zoo….

Come down here and say that!

Come down here and say that!

I see you down there!

I see you down there!

I want to hike here

I want to hike here

and we went out into the mountains. We wanted to go hiking, but it was just too hot when we got out there. I would love it if Dude came to visit in late fall or early spring so we could finally take the hike I want to. Oh well. We had a good time, and it was so nice to have a vacation from work.

I rearranged the furniture in my apartment, and decluttered and replaced some things I was tired of. The landlord raised everyone’s rent and it was either move or …. something. So I decided to just redecorate, because for the area, I still have a reasonably inexpensive apartment. I looked around at other apartments, and only ones the same price as mine were smaller. And even though it’s a busy neighborhood, I love it.

I’ve also been binge watching on Netflix… send me your suggestions. I already watched How I Met Your Mother, Criminal Minds, and I’m working on Bones. I haven’t had Netflix for a while, and some of the shows are new. I have several others on tap!

And life just keeps going on. It’s been really hot here lately, and somewhat humid. Not as bad as Wisconsin humid, but the littlest bit here makes everyone complain. No one is happy when the weather isn’t perfect.

Soon the time will change and the world will be dark again when I’m not at work. I guess I need to start getting up early. At least the store hours change too, and I don’t have to be out until 10. At least not for work.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to report. Stay tuned, one never knows when the next post will show up!

Billy the cat

Lots has happened since my last post! Most of the news is work news….

Our inventory sucked, and our store lost a LOT of money, either from theft or error. Doesn’t matter, our store came up short.

Our manager had taken January and February off because  his mother died, and he needed to help his father, who was not in good health. He got his dad squared away and came back to work in time to find out that the inventory news was bad. So bad, in fact, that he said it was the worst he’d ever seen.

The next thing we knew, he was “retiring”. He announced it at our last success sharing meeting (which was kind of sucky, cause our “success” checks were pretty small). I almost applauded, but thought that might be kind of tacky. I was happy for him that he could retire, but my applause would have been mistaken for happiness that he was leaving. That wouldn’t have been entirely untrue. Nothing in the store would change until that manager left. He has been there for about 5 years, and that seems to be a long time for store managers. It was time for him to go, though, and few people were sad to see him go.

There was a bright spot in the success sharing meeting though, and one of them was this:

All star!

All star!

I won one of these awards, given to 25 people in the store who management feels are all-stars in customer service. The best part of it is that it comes with a $250 bonus! That was more than my success sharing check.. ha! The same people tend to get them year after year, so it was great to be one of the new ones on the list. There were several of us who had never gotten one before. Go me!

It was a long month without a manager before we finally got a new manager. He is young, in his mid to late 30s, and from what I’ve gathered, he’s on his way up. Every time corporate moves him, it’s to a bigger store, and ours certainly is one of the bigger ones in the area.. and I think it also needs the most help. Our ASMs did a good job while we were managerless, but it just isn’t the same. He has only been here a week, and is starting to make some changes. He made the pronouncement one morning (during the opening meeting) that he knows what the problem is in our store.. we are understaffed. Thank the gods that he isn’t a cut-labor kind of guy. We have over 300 employees, but there never seems to be anyone there. Hopefully the schedules will start reflecting the increase in hours soon.

In my department, people are being scheduled, but they just aren’t coming in. Carol has a young child with lupus, so she is not at work a whole lot. She has FMLA leave in place so she can take off when she needs to without being penalized but the problem is, she’s being scheduled 5 days a week and only coming to work *maybe* 2. And then there’s Betty, who has recently taken an LOA because BILLY THE CAT is sick. I understand he’s part of her family ( they’ve only had him about 6 months)  and I can understand her taking a day off to get him medical treatment… but really? A LOA?? At least we have a new specialist ready to go, but he’s not a real go-getter. We trained him to cut blinds and carpet so he can do the physical labor. Heh.

I can’t think of much else that’s new… it’s time for all those pesky yearly medical tests, so I have to cut back on the carbs to prepare….

Good night, moon (and planet)


Vacation part 2

One of the other things we did on vacation was tour the Saguaro National Forest. I have driven past the west part of it several times, but never did much more than look while I was driving past. This time, DSis and JBil and I actually went into the east forest and walked one of the trails. The saguaros are amazing!

642(click on the picture to enlarge it) There are so many of them, and they grow up the sides of the mountains, and even where there doesn’t seem to be anything but rock:

670They come in all sizes and shapes, but they grow very slowly. The large ones are several hundred years old, and don’t produce arms until they are about a hundred years old.

562They provide shelter and lodging for different types of wildlife.

604You can sometimes see nests and feathers inside these holes. There are so many different amounts of arms and sizes. They are truly amazing!

601634There is one other variety of them, called a crested saguaro. They seem to be very rare, and we only saw two or three of them, and those were not in the forest. This picture is from a website. I never got a picture of one. crestedThe scenery in the forest was amazing. The mountains, clouds and vegetation….

551The tree in this picture is mesquite. They are everywhere with the saguaros, and even where the saguaros are not.


592Since saguaros grow so slowly compared to everything else, the mesquite will grow up around a saguaro

565It was quite an amazing forest!

Enough for now. Next installment, the Titan missle site and a drive through the countryside. Stay tuned!


Back from vacation!

Yes, I’m back from vacation. But first, we need to recap a few things that happened before.

Work: My department got a new boss, he is a kid, 22 years old, who used to work in the receiving department. He’s very soft-spoken, so we don’t hear much from him. He does a lot of work in the department, and appreciates what I do. I’m wondering what my aisle looks like after being gone more than a week. Well, it was my department, but for some reason I was switched out of department 59 (decor) and into department 23 (flooring). Not that it really matters much, but even the bosses had no idea why that happened. Oh, and my final sales total for the last fiscal year was over $567K. Got me a pat on the back and a certificate. We’ll see if it makes a difference in my raise. Heh.



I was really disgusted the past few months with our schedule. There are seven of us specialists; one of us requests to work 3 closings a week. They have been scheduling me and another specialist, Belle, for three nights of closing each, leaving the other 5 people to cover the one extra night, or putting two of us on the schedule to close. Scheduling two of us that late is ridiculous because there are not that many customers to pay for both of us to be there.

Anyway, both of us have been complaining that the schedule is unfair, and asking our department heads and ASM to please get this fixed. There are other issues with the schedule, including having no one scheduled to cover our lunches, which leaves the department completely unattended for the hour we are gone. Hence the complaining.

Our Store Manager was out all of January and February due to family emergencies. I knew when he was coming back, and Belle and I both figured that he would be the one person who could fix things.  (Our ASM could only made the scheduler cry, but she still didn’t get anything fixed) So instead of trying to catch the SM when neither of us was busy, I knew that if I changed my availability he would call me in to discuss it. So I changed my availability to never have to work after 6PM. In no way did I ever think he would approve it.

However, the acting SM approved it the day before the SM returned, so then I had great availability, but it meant my coworkers would have to cover all the closings, and that wasn’t fair. I don’t mind working my share, I just think that half of them is too many for one person. So then I went through the dilemma of deciding how I was going to tell Belle that I wouldn’t be working any more closings… how I had complained about the unfairness and then went and made it even more unfair for her… be careful what you wish for.

I waited a week to see what would happen. The new schedule came out, and I had no closings. I still was debating on what to say and how to say it when the next week’s schedule came out. Since that was the beginning of my vacation and I only worked one day, it wasn’t that big a deal. My ASM at this point pulled me aside and said that my availability wouldn’t work. Phew! That was a relief, in a way. At least it gave me the opportunity to tell Belle the truth, although I found out she already knew. Whatever, it seems to have worked out, because I only have one closing on the new schedule. I haven’t been to work since then, so I’m not sure what others schedules look like for next week. I’m only working two days this next week. I really could get used to part time!

And then finally, vacation. By the time my first day off rolled around, I was more than  ready for it. I took one day off to do things like laundry, cleaning up the house, packing…. and then the next day I took off for Arizona!

I stopped on the way to play some golf. I only planned on stopping at one course, so I didn’t have any info on any more (They were mostly in Tucson which I bypassed). I should just have kept going. I played holes one and two, and then came to hole 3. Standing on the tee pad, I could see the basket.

Basket 3

Basket 3

Since I really didn’t feel like swimming, and there were signs warning against wading, I decided to quit and just go on to see Sis.

Sis and BBIL were there already for several weeks, and this year, DSis and JBIL also flew down to spend a week. Last year there was another couple staying with Sis and BBIL, but they bought their own house in AZ only a few houses away from the one Sis was renting. We spent a lot of time with them, but then Sis had room enough for all us visitors.

DSis and JBIL and I did a bit of touring while we were there. Sis and BBIL had some commitments they wanted to keep so that gave us time to play. One of the first things we did was go on a copper mine tour. It was a really good tour, and very informative. It was raining a bit while we were there, but that just made the pictures better.


The rain coming down gave this particular cloud a mushroom type appearance over the mine… it was spectacular. I haven’t seen storm clouds like this for ages..  San Diego just gets uniformly grey when it rains. The hills you see are actually part of the rejected parts of rock that have been mined.


Those sides are actually quite colorful, and believe it or not, all the copper (and gold and silver) has been mined out of this rock. To give you an idea of the size of this, the bottom of the mine is 2.5 miles long and 2.5 miles wide. This is one of the trucks that carries rocks out of the mine. To give you a scale, there is a driver just to the left of the number 320. (click on the picture to enlarge it)


From the top of the mine, it looks like a matchbook truck..


For size, there is a regular sized pick-up truck on the left side of the picture…to the left of the bigger white machine.. and the smaller of the two white vehicles on the left side. This is just the left side of the mine.


The middle section..


The right section.


From the end…

They explained how they take the big rocks, smash them down into teeny bits and then use a soap-like chemical to float the copper bits to the surface.


It was a very informative tour.. they took us everywhere by bus, and we were able to see the rock tumblers and other parts of the ‘factory’ part from behind a glass. It was definitely a tour I would take again!

This is getting pretty long, so I will post the rest on another day. Stay tuned!


P.S. You can view all my vacation pictures here:

Last day of January

It’s the last day of January, and the end of the fiscal year at work, which means I made my personal goal of $500K in sales for the past year. I actually had quite a bit more than that, and I’m still trailing the first place person by $70K. But I’m in second place in the district, and I’ve set a few weekly district records, so I’m happy with that. I’m really enjoying my job too, which makes everything go a bit better. I just wish our scheduling was better, but  there’s not much I can do about it, and complaining only irritates management, so I just keep working and keep my complaints to myself.

There has been another DH shakeup at work, with one DH getting fired, one stepping down to go back to school, one getting hired from the outside, another coming in, and one department (mine) without a DH. Six of the current DHs changed departments! The empty spot  will NOT be filled by me, not only because of the detestable schedule the DHs have, they have to be “on call” unofficially at all times, and the fact that I am making more than the starting rate for DH so I wouldn’t even get a raise. Nope. I like to be able to leave work at work and have peace of mind when I’m off. To trade that for a couple hundred dollars in bigger bonuses would be a huge mistake. I like my job now!

We haven’t had a whole lot of rain here, and this month hasn’t even been that cold, but I sure like having more hours of sun and daylight. I hate going to work in the dark, and only having an hour of sun once I get out. Every day there’s a little more…..

I have a vacation coming up! Sis and BBIL and DSis and JBIL will all be in Arizona in March, so I am driving over, too. It should be a fun week.. vacations always are. I’ve had my time off approved, so we are all good to go. Sis and BBIL are already there (or are almost there). I really am looking forward to a week off! Face it, I’m just waiting for retirement.

I’m getting my taxes done this coming week, so I’m trying to plan what to do with the money. I’m not sure if I will be able to deduct my medical expenses, so I’m sure glad I have someone competent to help me with it. I’m hoping it will be a big refund! There are a few little things I would like, and I would love to get a windows tablet, but I think I will probably end up with a laptop, since the tablet I want is quite pricey, and laptops are much less. It all depends on the size of the refund….

In neighborhood news, not much is happening. Sonic traffic hasn’t been a problem for ages, and noise has caused no issues either. Sonic puts out traffic cones in the drive thru lane when they are closed, and I have to laugh at the people who will drive around them, when the lights on the outside of the building are all dark, and shout at the drive thru expecting a response.

Not much else is new.. I have one last giant puzzle to put together, and then we’ll see what to do next. I finished The Bombardment of Algiers, but I am missing one piece. I can get a replacement for it, but I’m still hoping it will appear somewhere. I’ve moved all the furniture where the pieces blew off the table, and still haven’t found it. Bummer. The poor puzzle is a bit ragged….

The Bombardment of Algiers

The Bombardment of Algiers

Some of the pieces swelled with the water and I just left them together. I doubt it would be easy to fit them back together. Or take them apart. Two pieces lost their pictures (I glued them back on after I took this picture) and a couple of the little tabs had been ripped off. I found both of those, and glued them back on, but I will have to wait to get my replacement piece.

Until next time…

Fight at Sonic!

Yes, rumors are true that Sonics draw violence. Even though there has only been one altercation at my neighborhood Sonic, it was a biggie. I could hear the fight while I was having my breakfast, and it was so loud and raucous I just had to get up from my chair and have a look. It was a gang, and it was a gang against one lone soul. The poor thing was in deep trouble, and it was all over a bag of food. Loud and violent was the fight! The gang was all strutting their stuff, trying to lure the single enemy to the bait, and when he would go for it, they would attack. I just had to pull out my camera and take a few pictures…




C'mon, try and get it..

C’mon, try and get it..

Don't let him in!

Don’t let him in!

So yes, the whole neighborhood is keeping an eye on Sonic. There are posters in the common room here with numbers for police and traffic control. Since the first week they’ve been open, there haven’t really been any traffic or noise issues, with one exception. Sonic has one employee who likes to power wash the parking lot at 5AM, which is totally against all noise ordinances. Thankfully, someone in the building next door put a stop to that, and now they don’t power wash until after 7. By then I’m already up, so it’s no big deal for me.

I go there twice a week (on my days off) to get a drink. Their drinks are the bomb! I just love the limeades, and I’ll get one every day. The large is big enough to last me most of an afternoon, and since they put a real lime in it, I can just refill the cup with water and still have a taste of lime for the entire day. I love it! Their shakes are awesome, but unless I want to be 600 pounds, I have to stay away from them. It would be so easy to go there every day…… and Dangerspouse, I do enjoy their jalapeno poppers too, but I like the onion rings more. They must be a favorite, because they are frequently out of them!

Work… work has been fun, at least through Christmas. They will only schedule us 32 hours, and let us get our 40 with the paid holiday. Last year I begged to be allowed to work 40 (and get the extra 8), because I really needed the cash. This year, I took the time off. It was nice to work a short week for two weeks instead of pushing like I did last year. I’m so glad I took the extra day off. I hung out a lot with Amy and her girlfriend (and their baby, Kai).

Who, me?

Who, me?

Kai just loves to chew (and eat) whatever he can get into his mouth, just like any 8 month old baby. He’s about 70 pounds now, so he’s able to knock people down just by running into their legs. He has come close with me, and has actually knocked Amy down a few times. But he’s a lovable sort, so we all just put up with him.

Anyway, back to work. I hung on to my position of second in our district in sales, and I almost made it to the $500K mark. The number one person ended up almost $60K above me; I was just unable to close that gap. Now it’s a new year, so we’ll see what we can do this time around. The thought among management is that he must be selling appliances, or doing something other than flooring sales. Whatever, I’m happy with second place! That’s just amazing!

One of our specialists (Steve) got moved back to being a hard-liner, which means he does the floor work, like stocking and moving pallets, customer service in the aisles, almost like being on the front lines of a war. Some days it feels like a war! The week before Christmas we had several customers who we thought were just looking for a fight. They did not want to listen to what we had to say, and would argue with us associates about things that they clearly did not understand. We ALL had customers like that. And all the departments were complaining about the crabby, misinformed, jerk customers. Scrooges, all of them!

So we are short one specialist, and one of my co-specialists wants to doug all of his sales. It’s unfair that she would take all of them, since she only works part time and it’s the rest of us who will do the work on the accounts. Since the boss wasn’t there the day she made the statement that she was taking his sales, I told her that wasn’t how it was going to happen; that it was whoever did the work on the account and sold it who would reap the benefit. I don’t think it’s right for one person to take them all. Apparently she doesn’t believe in sharing, but I know just what my boss would have said, so I said it. Hopefully she will listen, but I warned the other specialists to keep their eyes open for Steve’s accounts. Perky can try to doug them, but the rest of us can beat her at that game, since she really doesn’t like working.

I’m almost done with my puzzle, and it will be interesting to see if I will have all the pieces, since the ‘microburst‘ that spread them all over the living room. I should be finished in about 2 weeks, and then we’ll see! I still have a few pieces that need repair, but that will be the last thing I do before putting the puzzle back in the box.

I am so glad it’s January and the days are slowly getting longer. Maybe it was the lack of sunshine that made everyone cranky during the holidays. We have had several days of rain, which causes flooding in some of the coastal areas. I never have a problem with that, being on the second floor, but now and then there are wet areas of the freeway (mostly the ramps) that are closed due to the rain, and the tree debris that falls from the rain.

We need a big broom

We need a big broom


It’s generally all over the street, so driving around it carefully is important!

Otherwise, all is good here. I’m enjoying the sun when it’s not raining. It won’t be long before March and my vacation, and then summer is just around the corner. Hooray!!